Omnicom Brand Consulting Group

Omnicom Brand Consulting Group

How do companies build a brand around their products and services that resonates with its customers and employees in today’s complex world?  They must start by knowing as much as possible about their constituencies and what motivates them – what do they care about, what needs do they have that your products or services can fulfill, and what messages will get through to them to motivate the behaviour you desire?  There is an abundance of data out there, but how can you get to the relevant current data and use it to derive meaningful insights that can set you apart from your competition? Once you have identified key insights, how do you design your brand to take advantage of them and how do you present and communicate your brand to customers and employees so that they experience your brand the way that you intend them to?

Omnicom’s Brand Consulting Group is comprised of 8 iconic award-winning research, design, brand strategy and consulting agencies.  Whether you are creating a new brand or product, repositioning a brand or product, or breathing new life into an established brand or product, we can harness the power of our agencies to get you the research you need to guide you, provide you with relevant insights and develop a brand architecture, strategy, design and communication plan to create messaging and experiences that will be relevant to your customers and employees to grow your business and increase the value of your brand.

The Omnicom Brand Consulting Group is comprised of:

Brand Strategy and Design Agencies: Interbrand, Siegel+Gale, Wolff Olins, and Sterling Brands

Research and Insights Agencies:  C Space, Hall & Partners, Flamingo and U30.

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